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Natalie Daniels started travelling to different countries looking for peace and a place to get her life together after a broken marriage in 1979. Feeling confused and rejected she became very bitter at life and at one moment even angry with God for how things were going with her. Her last trip took her to Amsterdam in Holland, where it was her intention to stay for two weeks and move on.

On an Old Years night in 1984 she was invited to a masquerade party by a friend outside of Amsterdam, and as the New Year came in, she took off her mask just as everyone did and after greeting everyone went outside, looked up to the sky and said, “Thank you God for another miserable year, I am tired and I don’t want to live like this anymore.”

Two weeks later she walked into beauty salon in Amsterdam in 1985, whose owner and workers were all born again Christians. They started witnessing to her at first, she was very resistant and argued about all the things people argue about when being witnessed to, but deep inside something kept drawing her back to the salon. Eventually she accepted Jesus Christ as her Lord and Savior.

After attending bible study because the people from the salon did not have a church and hearing about the testimonies of how God had changed people’s lives, Natalie would go home wondering if God could help her out of her problems, she challenged the Lord and asked Him to prove that He was real to her, if He did, she would serve the rest of her life and let everyone know who He is.

In the meantime 2 weeks turned into a year, she met a group of people who were evangelizing and in the pioneering stage of building their church. She joined them in the ministry after talking to the Pastor, who encouraged her to join them because God had a plan for her life and if she would spend time seeking Him, He would reveal that plan to her and use her to do help others. She joined them as a volunteer and worked as cleaner, Sunday school worker, Church secretary and leader in the Women’s Rehab.

It was during this time in the Rehab that a great compassion was birthed in her heart to reach out to women who were hurting just as she herself once did. Even though Natalie had never used drugs nevertheless, she had other serious issues to deal with.

Natalie has had the privilege of seeing many lives transformed by the power of God, through the healing and deliverance ministry. Some of the women are now happily married with children of their own, some have become successful business women, gone into politics and others are very active within the church.

In April 2014, Natalie who is a Beautician by profession, finally closed to door to  her Beauty Salon which she used  as an evangelizing tool to minister to women from the secular world to answer the call of God to go into full-time ministry.

Today, Natalie who is happily married to her husband Desmond, no longer travels the world searching for peace and love, but is bringing the love and peace she has found in Jesus Christ to those who are searching as she once did, through the ministry of the Women Of The Kingdom which was founded in 2004.

Women Of The Kingdom does not only teach the word of God, but strongly believes in personal mentoring and character development to help women find their place back into society with the goal of being godly ambassadresses to the glory of our Lord Jesus Christ.



Good Fortune Sides With Him Who Dares. So Faith Without Action is Dead.

— Rev. Natalie Daniels —

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Rev. Natalie Daniels

  Natalie Daniels started travelling to different countries looking for peace and a place to get her life together after…

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